The world-famous Fairmont Hairpin has had many names but, through the decades, it has remained one of the best viewing spots on the Monaco circuit.

Guests here join us in a track-view suite, where they are treated to a fabulous experience, with viewing directly over the hairpin from the partially sheltered balcony.

Hospitality is, as you would expect, first rate. The kitchens of the Fairmont will prepare a delightful buffet lunch for guests, which will be accompanied by fine wines, beers and a selection of soft drinks.

Historic F1 cars attaching the Fairmont Hairpin
It's hard to think of a better location to see the drivers working
Enjoy a wide view of the world-famous Fairmont Hairpin
Experience a luxury buffet-style lunch
Superb desert treats and fruit
Small suites, each holds around 14 guests

What's included

  • Admission to our Fairmont VIP Suite
  • Luxurious buffet-style lunch
  • Complimentary bar of fine wine, beer and soft drinks
  • Race programme, ear plugs
  • Souvenir lanyard and suite pass

Suites are available for individual guests in a shared facility, or exclusive suites for 14 guests.

Fairmont VIP Suites

Price, per person

  • Saturday 9th May 2020: GB £450
    (approx €510 / US $580 / CAN $765 / AUS $800)
  • Sunday 10th May 2020: GB £650
    (approx €740 / US $840 / CAN $1110 / AUS $1160)
  • Saturday & Sunday: GB £1100
    (approx €1245 / US $1410 / CAN $1865 / AUS $1950)

Euro and US/CAN/AUS $ prices are for example only. Prices will be converted from Sterling on the day of your booking.