The Garnier Suite of the Hotel de Paris is THE spot to take in the atmosphere of the Monaco Historic, whilst enjoying fantastic racing and the finest VIP hospitality.

Rain or shine, the terrace balcony of the Garnier Suite provides superb race viewing as the cars pass through Casino Square, past the iconic casino and the front of the Hotel de Paris. Guests look slightly down on the cars as they pass by.

Hospitality is, as you would expect, first rate. A superb, and substantial, buffet-style lunch is provided in the suite, with a superb selection of fine wines, ice cold beers and soft drinks as accompaniment throughout the day.

Guests have access to the terrace and suite on this 2nd floor level at the front of the Hotel de Paris. Race viewing isn't interrupted if May's showers appear - the terrace has a full width canopy that can be used to protect guests from the weather.

What's the view?

Cars enter Casino Square from your right, before they turn right (away from you) directly in front of the terrace. The cars then power away towards Mirabeau past the infamous 'lump' threading between the shops and Metropole Hotel. There should be a prize for the car that gets closest to the barrier on the right hander, it's not uncommon for the advertising banners to be damaged as cars battle to make up a few tenths of a second.

Guests enjoying lunch on the Garnier Suite terrace

Some photographs of the view from the terrace

The following images were shot from the Garnier Suite terrace at the Hotel de Paris in May 2014.
Images © Simon Benson / Ltd

Attacking style through Casino Square
At speed through Casino Square
View from the hospitality terrace
Sunrise over Casino Square
Buffet lunch on the Garnier Terrace
Superb dessert patisserie

The package - what's included?

  • Admission to the Hotel de Paris and the Garnier Suite
  • Luxurious buffet-style lunch
  • Complimentary bar of fine wine, beers and soft drinks
  • Race programme, ear plugs
  • Souvenir lanyard and suite pass

Bookings are available for individual guests or couples in the Garnier Suite, joining shared tables. Exclusive tables for 8-10 guests are available.
Guests will dine within the suite whilst viewing will be from the terrace where they can enjoy drinks throughout the day.

This is our finest hospitality package and will sell out for both Saturday and Sunday - early booking is essential.

Garnier Suite VIP Hospitality

The following prices are 'early booking rates' with the expectation that we can be notified of price rises at any time. These rates are the same as we charged for 2016 when the Garnier Suite was last available for the Historic Grand Prix weekend.

Price, per person

  • Saturday 9th May 2020: GB £800
    (approx €910 / US $1045 / CAN $1360 / AUS $1465)
  • Sunday 10th May 2020: GB £1000
    (approx €1140 / US $1310 / CAN $1705 / AUS $1835)
  • Saturday & Sunday: GB £1800
    (approx €2050 / US $2355 / CAN $3065 / AUS $3295)

Euro and US/CAN/AUS $ prices are for example only. Prices will be converted from Sterling on the day of your booking.